Do you want to study the Bible for yourself but have no idea where or how to start? I have been in church my whole life and have been saved for over a decade, but I still struggle with this at times. You are probably well aware that it is not enough to simply open […]

How many of your New Years resolutions did you complete last year? How many do you even remember? If your answer to either of these questions was lower than you would have liked then the book Your Best Year Ever by Michael Hyatt should be the next book you read. Michael Hyatt takes us through his […]

“Leaders are readers, and readers are leaders.” If you look at CEOs, successful entrepreneurs, and industry leaders, you will notice that they read A LOT! Many of these people read 50+ books per year. That’s about a book a week. We might think we don’t have time to read five books a year yet alone […]

What makes a hero? A few years ago, I had the incredible privilege to intern for a member of Congress in their Washington, D.C. office. During my time there, I assisted with research into Medal of Honor recipients. As I read the stories of these heroes and their bravery, I could not believe some of […]

“And they lived happily ever after…” At least that’s what every Disney movie growing up made me think happened after the wedding. However, that is not the case. Marriage is a journey, and Paul and Terrie Chappell do a great job outlining how marriage is truly “A Perfect Journey for Imperfect Couples” in their new […]