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3 Reminders for a Successful Ambassador for Christ

Congratulations, you are an ambassador? What an honor! If you are a Christian, you are Christ’s ambassador to this world. In 2 Corinthians 5:20, Paul tells us, “Now then we are ambassadors for Christ,”  Unfortunately, just because we are Christ’s ambassadors, this does not guarantee we will do our job well. Here are 3 Reminders for a successful […]

How to Improve the World with Your Simple Habits

In a republican society like America, “We the People” determine the direction and strength of the country. The stronger the people, the stronger the country. The stronger the countries, the stronger the world. Therefore, whatever improvements we want to see in our country or in the world, we need to make in ourselves first. When […]

The Ultimate Guide to Stimulating Change (From the Woman Who Saved Her Nation)

I’m sure there is something that you would like to have changed. Whether it be in your family, your job, your community, or in our country, we all have ideas about what needs to be changed and why. What would be the impact if your change could be implemented? In some areas, the impact would […]

How to Gain Access to God’s Inner Circle

We all want to be part of the “in crowd.” It is part of our nature to be on the inside. We want to be in the room where the big decisions are made. We want to be included with those who are important. It is natural for Christians to want the same thing with […]

5 Helpful Prayers Every Christian Citizen Should Pray

We know there is a Need for National Prayer. In 10 Important Officials You Should Pray For, we looked at who we should be praying for. We even filled out our Public Official Prayer List and are ready to pray for them. The question now is: How do we pray for them? The Bible tells […]