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6 Practices that Make a Hero

What makes a hero? A few years ago, I had the incredible privilege to intern for a member of Congress in their Washington, D.C. office. During my time there, I assisted with research into Medal of Honor recipients. As I read the stories of these heroes and their bravery, I could not believe some of […]

3 Simple Steps to Finding True Freedom

America is different. Our country pioneered the concept of freedom and liberty. Our Founding Fathers wanted to set up a government that was unique. Other countries had authoritarian rulers such as kings, queens, or emperors that told their citizens what to do and when to do it. There were strict social classes that were nearly impossible […]

The Need for National Prayer

Today marks the annual National Day of Prayer. Our nation has a long history of declaring days of prayer. From its earliest colonists petitioning the Almighty for protection to President George W. Bush declaring a day following the terrorist attacks on 9/11 to “pray for healing and for the strength to serve and encourage one […]

Religiosity in American Politics: Measuring Religious Mentions in Presidential Inaugural Addresses

Religion in American politics is a subject that is almost unconsciously a major part of our political system. Despite the rhetorical “separation of church and state,” politicians and citizens both use religion to define and apply their politics. These tendencies raise the questions of which party uses religion more and if the use of religion has increased or decreased over time. This study uses all fifty-seven Presidential inaugural addresses to determine any trends in the religious mentions of Presidents.

Religious Freedom in America

Religious Freedom in America: The Background and Importance of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 on Current Affairs and Religious Liberty

The following is a policy paper that I wrote as part of my studies with the Panetta Institute for Public Policy. It was written in the fall of 2014… There are two things you do not discuss in public. You do not discuss religion; you do not discuss politics, and you definitely do not discuss them […]