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BOOK REVIEW: Are We There Yet?

“And they lived happily ever after…” At least that’s what every Disney movie growing up made me think happened after the wedding. However, that is not the case. Marriage is a journey, and Paul and Terrie Chappell do a great job outlining how marriage is truly “A Perfect Journey for Imperfect Couples” in their new […]

Law School and an Infant: Those Go Together Right?

I have been planning my transition to law school for about two years. I did copious amounts of research-just ask my wife. I created an Excel workbook with seven different spreadsheets in it. I even created an equation that helped me objectively rank each law school based on location, price, cost of living, etc. Overkill? […]


Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Most of us do. It seems like it is almost a requirement of our 21st Century society. “If you are not overwhelmed then you are not doing enough” seems to be our motto. It might even to be the ultimate #FirstWorldProblem. But why? With all of our advancement and technology, […]

Biblical Response to the Transgender Movement

What is transgender? Just this week, the Trump Administration has announced a reversal of a policy that allowed transgender people to serve in the military. The term “transgender” has appeared more often in recent years causing government, businesses, and individuals to have to figure out what it means and how to react to it. In […]

BOOK REVIEW: Buy the Field

At the beginning of the year, my pastor, Dr. Paul Chappell, encouraged the men in our church to read the book Buy the Field by Rob Fleshman. I have spent the last few months reading this book in my spare time. It is an easy read, and it has challenged me. I grew up playing […]

Finding True Freedom

America is different. Our country pioneered the concept of freedom and liberty. Our Founding Fathers wanted to set up a government that was unique. Other countries had authoritarian rulers such as kings, queens, or emperors that told their citizens what to do and when to do it. There were strict social classes that were nearly impossible […]

3 Encouragements for your Elected Leaders

Leading is hard. Leaders are constantly faced with challenges that could mean success or failure. Enemies come wanting to take them down, and the people they lead can gripe and complain. Moses faced all three of these obstacles throughout the time he led the children of Israel through the wilderness. There was one particular battle […]